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The Annual SOAP Snowboard/Ski Trip to Mammoth 2019

Friday, Feb 22, 2019 - Sunday, Feb 24, 2019
Location: Mammoth Mountain

UPDATE 2/11/19:
  • Condos and Carpools released!
    • Please use the link below to review your condo assignments (and carpool assignments if applicable). We will not make any changes unless absolutely necessary.

  • Friday Departure and Arrival Info
    We recommend leaving LA between 12-2 to avoid rush hour and get to Mammoth on time. Check in time is 5-7PM. The Friday Party is from 8:00-11:00PM @ Mammoth Rock N Bowl. We'll be providing info on free public transportation and directions soon.

  • Assisted Carpools
    (only for those who requested carpool help. Those who are arranging their own carpools can ignore this)

    If you've asked for help, then we've tried our best to match you up with other people looking for carpool.
    If you are matched up with a few people, then you'll need to contact each other and figure out who can drive, when to leave, and how to meet up with each other.

    If your name is listed on a carpool and you have arranged another carpool on your own, please let those other people know. Otherwise, you may be leaving others stranded!!

    Please keep in mind that condos and carpools have already been assigned, so changes will only be considered if absolutely necessary.

  • Condo and Carpool lists

  • Map of Viewpoint Condos complex and Google Map of area is at the bottom of the lists.

Wednesday 2/7/19 Update

The Mammoth Trip is SOLD OUT! You can update your trip info below.

We are looking for someone to degign this year's shirt! If you would like to design this years shirt and GO ON THE TRIP FOR FREE contact Events@SoapLA.com

Update your Trip Info Form (For those already signed up)

Trip Details

  • The trip cost will be $160. A limited amount of floor/couch spots may be available if the trip is full for $20 off. Please read Floor/Couch Policy below for all the details.
  • The 3 day, 2 night trip (Friday 2/22 - Sunday 2/24) is in Mammoth, one of the best snowboard/ski resorts in the country!
  • We have condos reserved, which are walking distance to the village. Condos hold 7-9 people. We'll ask for your preferences, so you get to stay with your friends, if requested.
  • A special custom long sleeve trip shirt is included in the price.
  • Most people carpool to Mammoth. See the "Getting to/from Mammmoth" section below.
  • Friday
    • First night (Friday) includes a beer, pizza, and bowling party (8:00-11:00PM) at Mammoth Rock N Bowl.
      The Mammoth Trolly Bus is free and runs every 20 minutes and wlil take you from our condos to the Mammoth Rock N Bowl. Since we have free beer, please be smart and don't drive!

      Download the Swiftly App to get real-time arrivals and departures on town bus routes: https://goswift.ly/download

  • Saturday
    • Saturday Meetup times:
      We've had some requests over the years for meet up times, so we've organized the following. If you don't want to join, no problem.
      • 9AM - Beginners meet at Canyon Lodge outside bar next to the Canyon Express lift, so they can have fun learning together
      • 11AM - Photo and a drink @ Canyon Lodge outside bar next to the Canyon Express lift
      • 1PM - McCoy for lunch. We'll meet DOWNSTAIRS because it's easy to find seats for everyone
      • 3PM - The Mill bar. Have a drink, then before 4pm, we'll take Gold Rush 10 chair which will take us back to Canyon Lodge where most of us are starting. From Canyon Lodge there's the free gondi that will take you back to The Village.
    • Happy hour @ Clocktower, 5PM-7PM
      While you can go to Clocktower as early as 4p, we're not recommending going until 5-7p. This gives you time to come back form skiing/snowboarding, hit the hot tub, then go out then join us for an Happy Hour!
  • Sunday
    • Many people snowboard & ski Sunday, especially since you drove all the way to Mammoth!
    • Some people choose not to and go sledding or snowmobiling.
    • Others head home around noon.

Lift Tickets:

In order to be flexible for everyone from beginners to the advanced and experienced with season passes, we do not include a lift ticket in the price of our trip. We recommend that you do your own homework on ticket prices by going to Mammoth's website.

In the last couple of years, publicly available deals are better than group lift ticket deals. Therefore, we will not do group discount lift tickets. If you find a good deal, send us an email at Events@SoapLA.com and we'll add it here!

  • Costco: Costco has ticket packs on Costco.com and at Costco stores.
  • ValPack: 2 for 1. 2 day advanced purchase required. https://www.mammothmountain.com/email-landing-winter/valpak.
  • REI: If you have a REI membership they have a great deal on a 2 pack REI Website
  • Liftopia.com: Liftopia.com has some discounted tickets, but but the deals might not be as good as Costco.
  • Mammoth MVP/Cali4nia Season Pass Holder Bring a Friend program: If you have a friend with a season pass, they may be able to hook you up with 50% off! They only have a limited number of times that they can hook up friends, so ask them about it and offer to buy them a beer!
  • MammothMountain.com: Mammoth's Website has some discounted tickets, especially if you do a 3 day pass. If you buy 7 days in advance you get 20% off.
Getting to/from Mammoth:
  • On Your Own: A change for those who have been on past Mammoth trips with us, is that we will now only be managing and organizing carpools for those who indicate they want help finding a carpool. To make everyone's lives easier, we recommend working out your own carpools with your friends. If you can't find a carpool, then we will help play match maker.
  • Carpooling: If you need help finding a carpool, we'll help to get you up to Mammoth & back. When you sign up, we'll ask for your preferences, so you get to travel with your friends. Each carpool splits the gas cost on their own.

    We highly recommend leaving LA betweeen noon and 2pm to get out of LA before rush hour! We recommend taking a 1/2 day or full day off work on Friday. Plan NOW! Tell your boss or whatever you have to do. No excuses. We will be providing more check in details as we get closer. Check in time is 5-7pm. Our Beer, Pizza, and Bowling party is from 8:00-10:00pm.

  • Flying: Flights to Mammoth are also available on Alaska/Horizon Airlines and United Airlines. You can fly from LAX, Orange County, San Diego, and San Franciso. Round Trip flights are typically between $150 and $200. Mammoth is offering a free lift ticket for the day you fly in! For flight information, click here.

  • Bus?: We usually get questions about why we don't offer a bus. The quick answer is to keep the overall trip cost down. Not only would we need to pay for the bus trip to/from Mammmoth, but also for the bus driver's time in Mammoth and bus driver's hotel room in Mammoth. Additionally, everyone would need to leave at the same time.

  • Rent a van?: We've had people rent big 10-15 passenger vans on their own in the past. This can keep gas costs down. Keep in mind you'll need to have room for all of your snowboards, ski gear, and bags. If you're planning on doing this, let us know.

We have arranged some awesome deals with a local shop called P3.
P3 will offer 20% off of all rentals. You must mention that you're with the SOAP group.

P3 is located on Main St., between Old Mammoth Rd. and Minaret, next to Schatt's Bakery.

It is highly recommended that you pick up your gear Friday night (they close at 9p) or first thing Saturday morning (they open at 7a). They also mentioned that most of their equipment is new this year!
If you have any issues, contact: Ray, Store Manager, 760 934 9500

Couch/Floor Policy:
A Couch/Floor spot is defined as a non-pull out couch or actual floor spot. Availability is limited, and is only available if the trip is full. Couch/Floor spots qualify for a reduced price of $140. Everyone pays in full now. Difference will be refunded after the trip. Plan to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. We offer these spots to give a discount opportunity to members, as well as reduce the overall trip cost. Please mark your preferences on the Trip Info Form when you sign up. For those who have been on past trips, we are reducing the number of couch/floor spots due to trip feedback.

Refund Policy:
Event List: If you are unable to attend, we can offer a full refund (minus $0.30, due to PayPal policies) up to Friday, Feb 1, 2019 @ 12:00AM. After that deadline, refunds will only be available if someone can be found to take your spot and pay before end of sign ups at Friday, Februrary 15, 2019 @ 12:00PM. This can either be a friend or someone from our waiting list (if we have one). After this, no other changes will be accepted, as we will be assigning organizing condos and carpools. Send all requests to Events@SoapLA.com.

Waiting List: If the event fills up, we will start a waiting list. You must pay the full event cost of $160.00 to add yourself to the ordered Waiting List. In summary, if room opens up, we'll notify you via email, and you're good to go. If not, you'll get a refund.

If you do not pay, you will not be on the Waiting List. If there is no room for you on the trip/event by end of sign ups (2/15/18 12:00 PM), you will get a full refund within a week after the event date (minus a $0.30 PayPal fee, which is out of our control).

Therefore, you are committing to going on the trip/event by paying, but you have nothing to lose if there is no room! If you would like to remove yourself from the Waiting List after paying, you must send an email to Events@SoapLA.com before 2/19/18 12:00 PM (a few days before the event). Don't wait until the last minute to request a refund! Keep reading for the technicalities...

We will notify you via email if a spot opens up, and we will automatically move you from the Waiting List to the Event List. At this point, you are officially attending the event, since you have already paid. In this case, you are now on the event list and subject the event refund policy: we cannot offer a refund unless there is someone else on the Waiting List to take your place, or if it's before the refund deadline of 2/2/18 12:00 AM.

Thanks for reading the refund policy. Please understand we have to cover ourselves with all the various cases after organizing trips and events for over a decade.

We'll be capping the trip at about 125 people. It's guaranteed to fill up fast! So, tell to your friends!

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them to Events@SoapLA.com.

  -Your SOAP Executive Board

The Annual SOAP Snowboard/Ski Trip to Mammoth 2018

Friday, Feb 23, 2018 - Sunday, Feb 25, 2018
Location: Mammoth Mountain

Thanks to the 110 people who joined us on the Mammoth 2018 snowboard/ski trip!

Who Went

Condo and Carpool lists

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them to Events@SoapLA.com.

  -Your SOAP Executive Board

The Annual SOAP Snowboard/Ski Trip to Mammoth 2017

Friday, Feb 24, 2017 - Sunday, Feb 26, 2017
Location: Mammoth Mountain

Thanks to the 130 people who joined us on the Mammoth 2017 snowboard/ski trip!

Who Went

Condo and Carpool lists

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them to Events@SoapLA.com.

  -Your SOAP Executive Board

SOAP 12th Annual Crawl 2016

Date: Saturday August 13, 2016
Location: Hermosa Beach

Who Went

Thanks to the 250 people who joined us for the 12th Annual and Final Crawl! It was another huge success!

The Annual SOAP Snowboard/Ski Trip to Mammoth 2016

Friday, Feb 26, 2016 - Sunday, Feb 28, 2016
Location: Mammoth Mountain

Thanks to the 130 people who joined us on the Mammoth 2016 snowboard/ski trip! From what we've heard so far, it seems like everyone had an awesome time! Please send comments and feedback to Events@SoapLA.com.

Who Went

Condo and Carpool lists

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them to Events@SoapLA.com.

  -Your SOAP Executive Board

SOAP 9th Annual Wine Tasting Bus 2015 - Date 10/17/15

Thanks to everyone who joined us for another incredible trip!

Who Went

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